House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis receives FCC’s US forest carbon agenda

In late November the Forest Carbon Coalition, Rachel Carson Council, John Muir Project and Partnership for Policy Integrity led a coalition of 45 scientific, conservation and community organizations across the US to provide detailed recommendations on a US forest carbon agenda to the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. The Select Committee is charged … Read more

Harris Has Strongest Presidential Platform on Forests and Climate

For a few days, the media and global attention was focused with alarm about the Amazon Rainforest up in flames. Yet forest disturbance from logging in the United States is quadruple that of South American rainforests and is degrading the nation’s potential forest carbon sink by at least 35%, according to the forest protection group, … Read more

Proposed Forest Service NEPA rules will increase the pace and scale of projects that drive climate change.


On August 12th, 2019, the Forest Carbon Coalition submitted technical comments on the US Forest Service’s proposed revisions to its environmental analysis procedures used to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). As set forth in our 26-page letter, signed by 15 FCC member organizations, the proposed NEPA rules will hasten the pace and … Read more

Proposed Forest Service NEPA rules will increase the pace and scale of climate damages


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